Event Tracking


Event Log Tracking Software  v.12.10.01

Make proper use of Lepide Event Log Manager and experience the most a simplified solution to centrally archive, consolidate and monitor network-wide Windows and W3C event logs.

Runningman Calendar  v.4.0.5

Runningman Calendar is a full featured, easy to use calendar. Daily event tracking and completion. Address book, anniversary list, birthday list, and todo list included. Journal icon on each day. Automatically calculated holidays.


ConMaster Convention Management Software  v.91

Software to manage small conventions (especially gaming conventions), including registration, event tracking, publication management, scoring, and mailing.

Event Reminder  v.1.0

Event Reminder 1.0 is a software reminds of the event you've setup. It could be used as an timer. For example, if you are busy working, or in the middle of doing something, but you must stop in the middle to take care of something else,

ITriTracker  v.1. 7. 2002

iTriTracker is a user-friendly windows-based application used to track multiple event types (e.g., runs, bike rides, swimming, aerobics, etc.) and enables you to better plan your training schedule!


Kurlo is a free, portable contact manager designed for personal and business use. Kurlo can easily be installed and run on a Windows computer and/or a portable device such as a USB flash drive or mp3 player. Features include multiple user capability,

Spiritissimo  v.3.1

A software to manage your private wine cellar and recipe collection.

The Wine Cellar Book - Le Livre de Cave  v.2.1.142

A software to manage your private wine cellar and recipe collection.

PSM Quest x64  v.6.9

PSM Quest x64 is a efficient and cost effective Photography Studio Management Software program that makes it easy to manage your Studio.

TremorSkimmer  v.3.0

TremorSkimmer is a Dashboard widget that allows you to view all your favorite near-real-time earthquakes in widgety goodness.

Event Magic Pro  v.5. 3. 2001

Event Magic Pro is the software of choice for professional consultants. Easily manage your clients and the many events on your calendar. Save time invoicing, tracking event details with checklists and bringing more to the table for your client.

Event Log Viewer  v.11.01.01

Windows event log viewer is a useful application that helps in obtaining detailed information about application, security and OS events, which occur in a Windows run system. Log management helps in analyzing errors to find the root cause of problems.

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